A short list of recent media profiles of Russell and his work.

“Living in a small village in the Northern Philippines, I was confronted by a challenge:  what to do with my ‘trash’?  There was no recycling boxes or garbage trucks—but my wrappers, plastic bags and such piling up in my house.  What to do?”  — from Russell on Ecobricks

Solving Plastic One Bottle at a Time in the Northern Philippines: 10 minute documentary on my work and the spread of Ecobricks in the Norther Philippines.

CNN Indonesia:  60 minute Insight Interview with Desi Anwar, Ani Himawati, and Russell Maier on the Ecobrick movement  “This Canadian Accidentally Discovered How to Solve Our Plastic Problem” An interview on Russell’s time in the Philippines and the history and current state of Ecobricking there.

Ecobricks Feature on National Korean TV

Ecobrick Convergence Featured on Jogja city TV

Ecobrick Spread in Jogjakarta and the Jogja Ecobrick Team Featured on NET.TV

Life Athletics Pod Cast with Nik Wood:  Rusell Maier Ecobricks and Frisboo



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Indonesian Ecobrick Interview

New Ecobrick Video: 23 Million Views

Indonesian Ecobricking Featured on BBC



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Russell is a regenerative designer and inventor based in Bali, Indonesia.  He is one of the leaders of the Ecobrick movement in Indonesia and the world.  Inspired by the principles of the mandala and his time amongst the Igorot people he works to implementing deep, trans-formative innovations.  You can read more in his Regenerative Design Manifesto or follow him on Facebook and Steemit:

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