I am working at the forefront of the global waste transformation movement. I get my hands dirty both with the practical and philosophical. This is the place where I am sharing my raw and uncut insights. Join me as I delve deep into pollution, mandalas, and more. In exchange for your patronage and your help for me to cultivate a stable monthly income, I promise to share the “trashure” that I mine from my explorations.

We live in a planetary momentary rife with pandemic inequality and eroding ecologies.  And… Opportunity.

My art, designs and collaborations aren’t about capital generation, they are first and foremost about re-generation. By thinking of the next life of a product we can create indefinite circles of use and re-use.  By using local materials that are globally consistent, we can start collaborations that organically optimize designs. By working with the principles of the mandala we can ignite local collaborations that spread globally. These designs can then get to the very root of the worlds biggest ‘problems’.  Together we can rework dead-end lines to circles, transmute problems into solutions and regenerate gray to green

Hand made from rainforest rattan in the ancestral traditions of Barlig and Sagada, Coordilleras, Philippines.