Its Off!! Attn: has published their video on Ecobricks! In been only 16hrs and it’s already exceeded a million views! Attn: did a great job– Ecobricks represent a fundamental different way of doing things, and most media reports get the essentials wrong– but Attn staff took their time, did their research and got the details right. I am proud that the video shows ecobricking in the Filipino Cordilleras and so many of our trainers in action (that’s the Jogja team building the giant tower, and Pak Ngurah making a table in Bali) and that Ani Himawati and I did the video together <3. A few things got cut (i.e. there’s lots of ecobricking in Central and South America too!). Already we have tons of traffic hitting our site and app registrations– great news for the normalization of ecobricks as the go-to personal solution for plastic transition! Alas, this will definitely be the last time I do an interview at 7AM before having coffee or breakfast!!