This week our work transforming plastic pollution into Ecobricks, was featured on CNN Indonesia!

The program is in a mix of Indonesian and English and is set at my and Ani Himawati’s house in Ubud, Bali. The report features clips and interviews with Ecobrickers in Bali, Java and Jarkarta, Indonesia as well as the Northern Philippines.

This is a major break for the plastic transformation movement in Indonesia– the second biggest national source of ocean waste in South East Asia. Now that we’ve rocked the main stream media, I am excited to start posting more on Steemit! The CNN story caused a big blip on our website hits and signups. But that’s about it. Here on Steemit, I feel the potential is wayyyyy deeper and more profound. We have a community of caring, conscious and activated readers and writers. I am just getting started with my Steemit presence, and can’t wait to start focusing less on Facebook and media, and more on the potential here.

I am so grateful to have my Indonesian partner Ani as a partner in this story. For ecobricks to hit the mainstream media is a big step for the for the trash transformation movement– and this would never be possible without our harmony. The interview is a deft dance of Indonesian and English, my stories and hers, her laugh and my lecture. Just as when we do our presentations, our partnership passion is one of the subliminal success secrets. And now, with the mainstream exposure, the brave pioneering of our Indonesian ecobricker friends gains a little more legitimacy and momentum (believe me, its challenge to be the only one in your community collecting plastic and stuffing it in a bottle!). Many of those CNN featured clips of our friends in Jogja, Jakarta, the Northern Phillipines, Abiensemal and Depensar Bali. And best of all, this will surely encourage packing a little more plastic out of the biosphere.