Earthen Ethics

Its official.  You’re on the cutting edge of regenerative philosophy!  So much so that the ideas you are looking for aren’t quite there yet!

This is the future home of my forthcoming essay outlining a new theory of Earthen Ethics.  This new theory lays out a framework for discerning authentic ecological contribution.   Earthen Ethics is based on a bold and sweeping retelling of the long story of the Earth.  I propose that the way the Earth has turned the planet’s surface into liveable, green, bio-diverse and conscious biosphere is an example worthy of being followed.

I believe, that much as we have followed the example, words and deeps of great teachers in the past, so can we follow the Earth’s example. By looking closely at the way the Earth has greened the biosphere we glean principles which we can use to discern what is truly an ecological contribution– i.e. what make the biosphere a more liveable, green, biodiverse and conscious space for us and our fellow species.  In other words, to discern what is ‘green’ and what is ‘grey’.

The essay is largely inspired by my time living amongst the Igorot people of the Northern Philippines and my witness of their Ayyew ethos and my time ecobricking and working in the recycling industry.

We can then use this earthen ethics to evaluate emerging technologies that aspire to ecological service.

These principles seem to include….

  • Net greening: more carbon subtracted than added to the biosphere
  • Ever increasing consciousness:  ever greater awareness of interconnection
  • The use of carbon as non-final building blocks
  • The steady compaction, storage and securing of carbon (sequestration)
  • The benefit of biospheres over biomes.

Currently the 4000 word essay is still in progress!   However, after five years of philosophical and on-the-ground experiential evolution, the following writing sketches the background for the theory: