Woohoo! The Indonesian ecobrick movement was featured on the BBC this week! We heard rumours about coverage from ecobrickers in the UK who caught it on their TV. Today, we got the link! The clip features our Marimas friends in Semarang. Marimas is a big, national Indonesian food company that produces lots of food and alas, lots of plastic packaging.  However, after contacting and inviting Ani and I to do a Training of Trainer workshop with their staff and city ecoleaders back in December, they’ve taken a massive plunge into solving their plastic this year.  They have been leading workshop after workshop since January around their city and province.  It’s been pretty insane to follow.  Behind it all, is their CEO, Pak Harjanto, whom we had a chance to get to know while in Semerang.  Pak Har, as he is affectionately known by everyone, is featured in this BBC clip– where he is showing how it’s done and leading by good-old-fashioned example.

Here’s the link to the full story on BBC of “Indonesian study into health risks of microplastics