Crossing the street in my neighborhood a month ago, I got hit by a motorcycle. If you haven’t heard from me for a while, well… that would be why. I’ve been down and out, taking a break, with a break. My leg was badly broken, among some other bumps and bruises. The seventeen year-old who was driving (rushing and stressed by a family emergency) got a scrape, but was OK.   I’ve been overwhelmed by all the generosity and support, care and concern that flooded Ani and I.

I am so grateful for all the help, calls, care packages, visits, chocolate, cheese, cups and more that have come my way from my friends and neighbours. I am so grateful to the ecobrickers and trainers around the world who put together an impromtu fund for me. Thank you to our movement’s dev and core team who’ve all stepped up this last month to do pretty much everything I used to do. And, I am so thankful for all the support from my family and Ani Himawati for all the love and care.   Honestly, it was pretty bad. I was in really rough shape for a week or two. Not only physically, but mentally– it was my first broken bones and it has jarred my whole sense of security. Accustomed to playing sports weekly, diving for the disk and sprinting down the field, suddenly I can no longer walk or do the simplest of tasks. Accustomed to being independent and able, suddenly I am neither.

  I continue to rest, reflect, writing and ecobricking. Another two months of laying low ahead. Thank you again to everyone who has called, visited and reached out. I am sorry if I haven’t said anything til now.