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Meeting the Bamboo Bike Master

Its not often that I get to meet someone with more experience than I in the confluence of bamboo, bikes, and solar all together.  However, the other day it happily happened!  I was able to drop in to a bamboo bike making workshop featuring renowned bamboo bike master...

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First Bamboo Ultimate Game

Yesterday we played the world's first ever game of ultimate with a bamboo disc.  It was a dream come true!  I have been working slow and steady on the Frisboo design, from the Philippines to Nepal, for the last two years. Although we've played tons with the disc in...

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Bringing Art Back to Earth

Ani Himawati and I are teaming up to do a lecture on the more philosophical side of our work and the Ecobrick movement. We'll be doing another dynamic tag team presentation at the Mabesikan Festival on October 22nd, Bali, Indonesia! Here's the blurb... Art &...

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Team Frisboofied

We just got in our custom printed Ubud Om Trooper Frisboos!  Here's the team with the latest model of the first ever bamboo flying disc. Thanks to My Nguyen for the...

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Bamboo Solar Bike v3

Working with the team from Bambu Akademi Nusa, just outside of Jakarta, we installed the micro solar circuitry today directly into the bikes frame.  Under that red cap is the USB port.  The two LED displays show the voltage level from the battery and from...

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Latest Solar Bamboo Bike

Wooohoo! Version 1.0 of my dream of a bamboo solar bike is rolling! It's taken quite a lot longer than I ever imagined to bring this idea into the world, but well.... Yesterday I took it for its first ever spin! 🙂 The bike is commissioned by my profoundly patient...

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