PHEW.  That was the hardest one yet. After four weeks of revisions, my latest Earthen Ethic is now up!  And that’s not counting the weeks to write it.  Ever single day for the last four weeks, I’ve sat down to refine the words and craft the meaning. Oh… and let’s not forget all the work developing a biodiversity life list for my home!

But biodiversity is important.  In fact it’s pretty much the key to life!  

And so I believe it deserves to be its own principle.

For too long biodiversity has been something for biologists, researchers and park rangers to worry about.  But no.  It’s something that we all have a stake in perpetuating or… all too often these days, diminishing.  As denizens of planet Earth we all have our space, our homes, our offices, our yards, our balconies, our roofs… and thus we can all play a small but significant part in accelerating the regeneration of our human-only spaces to open, welcome spaces. 

I feel this principle is in fact the most important and revolutionary. Read this essay and you’ll never look at your home the same way again.

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