Well, it’s the Summer Solstice!  That means that the Earth is half way around it’s orbit of the sun and half around my EarthCycles calendar!  It’s a pretty interesting moment– I am glad for my calendar to mindful of the unfolding planetary cycles.  The moon is on the swing of its slightly elliptical orbit that brings it closest to the Earth,  That means that the full moon on the 24th will be another super moon as the moon will appear slightly larger in the sky (because its closest) than usual.  Also, you can see that Mercury just passed the Earth on it’s orbit around the sun last week (it’s perigee)– meaning if you’re lucky enough to have an open horizon, you should be able to see it bright in the sky.

Over the last few months since the calendar’s first release in January, I’ve been steadily improving the design.  The new version now track Neptune and Uranus’s orbits for the year.  I’ve also manage to fit in the Chinese, Islamic and Javanese lunar calendars.  Finally, I been working to incorporate the Javanese solar calendar.  In the solar Javanese Pranata mangsa calendar the year begins around the Summer Solstice– today June 23rd!

To celebrate the Solstice, I’ve uploaded the final revision of the 2021 calendar to my server (now I will craft the 2022 version!).  The new version incorporates both the lunar and solar Javanese calendar, and the Islamic and Chinese calendars.  If you haven’t gotten it, I’ve made the download free on GoBrik Regen Store.


Our 2021 Spin around the sun.

Learn more about the Calendar here and get your free 2021 printable PDF version on the GoBrik.com Regen Store.