I am really excited to finally share this!  After a year and a half of hard work my team and I have developed a new mathematical model for assessing household plastic.  And it’s ready for anyone to try out– like you!  Best of all, rather than take ages like plastic surveys on other apps and platforms, our only takes 3 minutes.

Plastic is so ubiquitous in our lives that figuring out just how much we consume is both important… and near impossible!

There’s plenty of apps out there that try.  However, they work by asking you dozens and dozens of questions about all aspects of your life and consumption in order to make their assessment.  It takes a long time.  It’s tedious.  And it doesn’t transfer from country to country because all the coefficients change.

This sucks, because knowing how much plastic you are consuming/generating is so important.  Keen to be green?  To be a responsible creature on planet Earth is the Anthropocene?  Well, your plastic impact is perhaps THE key performance indicator.  It’s way easier to track that CO2.  And as a direct petro-capital spin off, there’s nothing more symbolic and indicative of our participation The System than our plastic.

And the only way that we can possibly know if we are transitioning from The System and Plastic is if we know our baseline.  Household or enterprise, person or product, if we don’t know what our current level of plastic consumption is– than there’s no hope that we can meaningfully decrease it!

So that said… I am super proud of my team and our work, and will share the link to our new Household Plastic Assessment system.  Our trick?  We tap into the latest per capita plastic consumption analysis to establish national baselines– and use your own personal social comparison to adjust it.  It’s not perfect– but after dozens of our colleagues meticulously measured their household plastic generation each month and compared it to the generated estimates– our results show that we’re definitely in the +-15% ballpark.

Give it a shot yourself!