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Paris! Here I am. Wandering the streets of this great city, I can’t quite beleive that this is where I am living. Quelle vie!

Our apartment is surrounded by a vast array of fantastic amenities– a dance studio, a bakery, flower shop, multiple grocery stores, a wine shop, a butcher, and best of all… fresh fruit and vegetable stands. For a Canadian, its rather overwhelming. In Canada you would need to get in your car and drive to a big mall or supermarket, or walk half an hour through the snow to hit all these little shops. Here, I can do all sorts of FABULOUS domestic shopping within one block. One block!

What a crazy transition. Sitting a the dinner table with Abby, after cooking her dinner, doing the laundry and cleaning the house, I can’t quite beleive that it is happening. From homelessness to Parissien modern couple all within a few days.

I have been sowly adjusting and recovering from the full out frenzy of work it took to get me here from Ottawa. I now find myself, blessed with a dazzlingly brilliant setup.

I have a love, flower, and light filled place to set out the re-newed intention for my 1Mandala project. I am now suddenly blessed with time, finances, a beautiful place to work here in Paris, and most of all with love and health. I feel like some storybook knight, who after enduring great trials in a dark valley, has just emerged, equipped with a new found, mighty sword.

I will be going about the ressurgence of the project from first principles over the next days and weeks. You can follow and comment and co-create with me as I begin to plant the seeds of carefully crafted intention.