Well, its been an intense last week, so I am only getting around to posting this now.  Last weekend was epic.  After training and preparing for the last three months, my team, the LoveHandlers competed in the 20th Nusantara Cup ultimate frisbee tournament in Bali.  We had another 9 teams join us from around South East Asia.  It was so great leading this great bunch of folks with you this year in the 20th Nusantara Cup. This year a third of our team was playing in a legit tournament for the first time, so we had the privilege of seeing our team improve dramatically– over the last three months of training and during the tournament itself. Each match we scored more and more points, our games got closer and closer, we chilled out, and had more and more fun. Our pink jerseys gyrating on the side of the field to music, cheering the other teams, and leading impromptu dance-offs became a ubiquitous site throughout the tournament. For myself, it was a fascinating and fulfilling opportunity to put some radical leadership concepts into play on our team– distributing the leadership and holding space for anyone to step up, express, contribute, lead. For those of used to traditional top down team leadership it was a tad confusing at first, but as the tournament unfolded we all fell into place in a matrix of mutual respect and support, that enabled the dramatic improvement, team coalescence, and overall awesome vibes and togetherness that we experienced. I can’t wait to take it to the next level with LoveHandlers in our next tournament this year!