The latest glass version of the Lotus Cradle is up and operational!  With this new model almost all the kinks are worked out of the design.  It is this fitting that, the conceptual process comes full circle and that the Water Cradle now sits in the chocolate shop of my friend Rolf, here in Ubud.

The genesis of this project and intention began, sitting with Rolf in a cafe in Ubud.  The cafe happened to have a beautiful glass water dispenser.  We both admired it and shared our lament of all the personal and home water solutions available.  Unlike this simple glass tank, everything else was made from plastic, ugly and awkward.

Little did we realize but both of us decided in that moment that we could do better– and to make it happen ourselves.  Rolf, a powerful manifestor and innovator, went to dozens of local glass makers.  I went to a friend who blows glass.  We both commissioned wanted dispensers.  We didn’t realize that we were both working on the same thing til months later at frisbee when we got talking between points.

It turns out that making a water dispenser is wayyyyyy more challenging than we anticipated.