Ani and I arrived in Jakarta this week, and the first thing we did is visit our friends at NU’s LBNI headquarters.  The LBNI division of NU, a Muslim organization with millions of members, had been ecobricking for the last year.  They’ve been starting to spread Ecobricks throughout their network– but they’ve been limited by the ability to track their success!  They know people are ecobricking, they know it’s spreading, but it’s been impossible to see just what the impact has been.  Ecobricking spreads by word of mouth, some people stop doing it, some people run with it like crazy.  But past the first or second circle of spread, it’s really hard to track what’s happening.

Until now!  After three years of hard work on precisely this challenge (I’ve personally felt this challenge looming for a long time) we now have a way to not only take tracking to the next level, but also to unite as a movement.