EarthWands for sale! Introducing the wand that will magically make your plastic disappear.

Well, you still have to do a little work!  😉

Ani and I are excited to travel to the UK next week. Before we do, we are launching the sale of our new GEA product. We’re going to take a bunch of them with us over to the UK for personal direct delivery and we’re also going to mail out a batch of orders on Monday before we depart.

What is the EarthWand exactly? Well, over the years, I’ve noticed that one’s stick really makes a difference to the packing process! It started as my personal quest to make my own great stick from local bamboo, then expanded to creating a design that could be copied and shared. Then, when I saw NGOs selling plastic products to fund-raise for their plastic relief projects (?!), I became determined– surely we could do better than that! Now, after two years of slow and steady refinement, I am really proud of what we’ve crafted. Not only is the wand designed specifically to make packing plastic easier, it is a *regenerative* product.

This means, that the net impact of its consumption is green, rather than grey. We’ve meticulously refined every element of the EarthWand, from the envelope, to the shipping, to the cultivation of the bamboo to ensure that the consumption of this product subsumes more CO2 and more plastic than it caused. The tag, and our GoBrik ordering system lay out the net impact of production waste + shipping exhaust + packaging vs the net amount of CO2 sequestered by the cultivation of bamboo and rattan and the net amount of plastic sequestered by Brikcoin sales.

Yep, that’s right, not only can you purchase with card, transfer and paypal, you can also purchase with Brikcoins! This is the first product we’re launching in the new GoBrik store. Soon, more exciting GEA regenerative products will be available, and eventually ecobricker products. Sales of the EarthWands will go direct to helping us pay the server bills for GoBrik and other GEA expenses. in full transparency, all order transactions are posted on our open books accounting page– and so too the transactions where you can see how the funds are spent. This fundamental to our concept of the GEA as an Earth Enterprise.

Note: Sales are only this weekend. We have limited stock (150pcs). First come, first served Brikcoin sales are capped to 20 units (this offsets the net amount of plastic created in our manufacture). When ordering, if you would like to personally pick up your EarthWand from Ani and I at the Training of Trainers in Southampton and Wales, please check the box to add a note with your order. If you have any questions or problems (this is a brand new system we’re launching!) please let us know in the comments below.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has helped out over the last two years to get us this far. Salemat Raf Dionisio for your inspiring request to get you a stick design two years ago– I bet you thought I forgot! Thanks to Ani Himawati for all her patience with the hundreds of sticks scattered on our home floor. Thank you Kimberly Mak for taking shipment of the first international order and for the feedback in between your busy schedule. Thanks to Richard Goldsmith, Lucie Mann, Sheelagh Hawkins and Tina Curtis for the first BRK and $ purchases. Thanks Jeni McConnell for the relentless proofing! Thank you Shiloh Vermaak for the countless test orders and system reviews. Thanks Trisha Joe for the laptop help! Thanks to ecobricker Juli and Gumi Bamboo, and their craft-person team for their super pro production and order fulfillment. Thanks to the farmers who bring the bamboo in every week with the fruit!

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