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2016: A year in review

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2016: A year in review

Well, it’s been another year around the sun… What a great milepost to review what just happened! Thanks to Derek for the inspirational idea to write a year review. I am going to divide it into three sections:


You can only accomplish/discover/experience as far as you dream.
All the theory about supra-sexual cocreatitve relationships is true!  Its possible to channel procreative energy […]

Ecobrick Convergence Art Exhibition

Posted on December 26, 2016 at 3:43pm by Comments Off
Ecobrick Convergence Art Exhibition


Alrighty!  My first art exhibition in two years is almost here.

I am getting reallllly excited about this.  Mainly, because it really isn’t “my” art exhibition.  In the time since my last exhibitions back in Canada and Europe, my art has changed.  Completely.   I am not talking about change of painting style, or switch in medium or method.  I am […]

Meeting the Bamboo Bike Master

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Meeting the Bamboo Bike Master

Its not often that I get to meet someone with more experience than I in the confluence of bamboo, bikes, and solar all together.  However, the other day it happily happened!  I was able to drop in to a bamboo bike making workshop featuring renowned bamboo bike master maker, Craig Calfree.

Mark Donavan, the workshop organizer, and Craig Calfree (right) […]

First Bamboo Ultimate Game

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First Bamboo Ultimate Game

Yesterday we played the world’s first ever game of ultimate with a bamboo disc.  It was a dream come true!  I have been working slow and steady on the Frisboo design, from the Philippines to Nepal, for the last two years.

Although we’ve played tons with the disc in all sorts of conditions, never before have we taken it to the […]

Bringing Art Back to Earth

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Bringing Art Back to Earth

Ani Himawati and I are teaming up to do a lecture on the more philosophical side of our work and the Ecobrick movement. We’ll be doing another dynamic tag team presentation at the Mabesikan Festival on October 22nd, Bali, Indonesia!
Here’s the blurb…

Art & Regenerative Philosophy

by Russell Maier & Ani Himawati
Once upon a time, art wasn’t so special. Yep, that’s […]

Team Frisboofied

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Team Frisboofied

We just got in our custom printed Ubud Om Trooper Frisboos!  Here’s the team with the latest model of the first ever bamboo flying disc.

Thanks to My Nguyen for the photo.

Cob, bottles, Ecobricks = bench!

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This morning we were on site with Alia Ramadhani, Soraya Cassandra, and the Setu Gintung team to continue their Adobe, Ecobrick and bottle bench!  It’s been a long while since I have worked with Adobe– and I sure miss it!

Looking good!

Bamboo Akademy Nusantara Goes Ecobricking

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Akademy Bambu Nusantara is now Ecobrick empowered.  Yesterday, we did a workshop at this amazing organic laboratory.  They hosted this training for their staff, craftsmen and the neighboring school.  They learned why it’s bad for the environment to dump their plastics in the river (as they had been doing before) and how instead how they can do so much better […]

Bamboo Pixel Project is alive at the World Innovation Forum

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Bamboo Pixel Project is alive at the World Innovation Forum

Shine Time!  Last night we plugged in the pixels and ignited our bamboo pixel project at the Global Innovation Forum outside of Jakarta.  3 meters by 2meters and 600 bottles make a luminous wall of light for the Akademy Bambu Nisantara’s pilot Rumah Oksigen– a sample of a super low cost house made from bamboo rather than steel reinforcement.  Since […]

Our Global Innovation Forum Bamboo Installation

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Our Global Innovation Forum Bamboo Installation

Today I am working with The Bambu Akaedemi Nusa to install their “Oxygen House” at The Global Innovation Forum just outaide of Jakarta, in South Tangerang.  The structure showcases how bamboo can be used instead of steel in reinforced concrete construction.  We’re collaborating on a 600 bottle bambo pixel installation on the front of the structure.  It’s going to be […]