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Ecobricks Featured on CNN

This week, CNN Indonesia's 6 minute program, Insight, with Dessi Anwar, did a special report of the Ecobrick movement that is sweeping Indonesia.  The special interview was conducted out of the regular CNN studio, at the home of Russell Maier and Ani Himawati,...

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Why Ecobrick?

So, this month a video on Ecobricks went viral.  It's hit almost 200,000 views.  The news site that made the video, unfortunately, made it with all the resources from our site-- but didn't consult us.  Thus, the video contains lots of errors and problems!  This has...

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Love Story Bamboo Pixel Project

Pixels in place! There's a little more love in Ubud today! I am really excited about this sign we're assembling for a funky new sustainability store in the center of town. Yesterday, we got the last of the 600 bottles in place to complete the sign! The letters are...

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Camp Stove Transcension

A long time ago, in a land far away (by the name of Pensilvania) I was biking through the forest.  It was the summer of 2009 and I was on an epic bike adventure from Smithers BC to Berlin.  I had with me my tent and camping equipment as I cycled down the CO trail...

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Not One Tree

Imagine:  a world where human technology is blended harmoniously with the natural world.  Imagine, a world where, rather than dominating and controlling nature, we work with it, learn from it, then apply our insights to co-create with it.  Together we craft living...

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Glass bottle Lego take-2

We've been working hard the last few days taking apart our old Lego-bottle bathroom, and relocating it on the Mukabumi grounds. Basically, our first creation... Failed! The location, the toilet system, the roof... All were not satisfactory. It was after all, one of...

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West Java

This last few days, the Bali Ecobrick team and I are off on an expedition to Bangiwani, West Java. We've been meeting community leaders and just regular folks who have no idea about plastic's dangerous properties. This part of Indonesia reminds me of the Philippines--...

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2016: A year in review

Well, it's been another year around the sun... What a great milepost to review what just happened! Thanks to Derek for the inspirational idea to write a year review. I am going to divide it into three sections: Insights You can only accomplish/discover/experience as...

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Ecobrick Convergence Art Exhibition

  Alrighty!  My first art exhibition in two years is almost here. I am getting reallllly excited about this.  Mainly, because it really isn't "my" art exhibition.  In the time since my last exhibitions back in Canada and Europe, my art has changed.  Completely.  ...

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