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Adventure Time!

I am super excited this morning headed to the airport with Ani.  We're off to Jombang, East Java, for a long planned, three day, Training of Trainer Workshop in a part of Indonesia where Ecobricks have been really taken off.  Our friends Shanti and Setio...

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First for-sale!

EarthCups are sale!  It's the first time ever, the cups are available retail.  And, their price illustrates a fascinating element of their philosophy. The retail price is my wholesale price!  Yes, incredibly, no one in the supply chain is making any...

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The Broken Chalice

When I was visiting my old friend Pere Jaques at the monastery back in January, one of his parting gifts to me was a special Chimay Chalice-- yes, one of those beer glasses especially crafted for a particular beer.  It had the Chimay logo on it and I had hoped to...

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Love Handled

I am profoundly proud to have played with these guys the 19th Nusantara Ultimate Frisbee Tournament this Easter weekend. Our team, 'The Love Handlers', were one of ten teams from all over Asia to come together for two days of intense, full out ultimate.  What...

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Last Lotus Cradle of 2017

Well, we've got our latest water cradle all fixed up!  I am drinking it's sweet water at home this week.  This cradle is the culmination of all our work on an organic filter system in 2017.  I've learned tons about glass blowing, pottery making and just...

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Team Ecobricks is Rocking Semarang, Indonesia

I am really proud of our GEA trainers in Semarang Indonesia.  It was only in December that we held our Training of Trainers there.  Already, they are furiously leading trainings throughout the city and region.  At least once a week!  Here's some snap shots of Ood and...

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The latest EarthCups are in, and our virtue icons are updated with the new project domain!  A big thanks to Sehati Industri, a health drink store in Ubud, who are pioneering the use of the EarthCups and making these first, invaluable orders to keep...

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Russell is a regenerative designer and inventor based in Bali, Indonesia.  He is one of the leaders of the Ecobrick movement in Indonesia and the world.  Inspired by the principles of the mandala and his time amongst the Igorot people he works to implementing deep, trans-formative innovations.  With ecobricks, Russell’s creativity is focused on putting ‘waste’ back into cycles of indefinite use.  Meanwhile, moving forward with innovations that, using natural materials and ancestral manual traditions, are fully open source, non-capital, and transcend waste, petroleum and factories all together.  You can read more in his Regenerative Design Manifesto or follow him on Facebook:


“Working with the the principles of the Igorots and of the Mandala I manifest deep regenerative solutions and mobilizations that are by design, way outside the industrial capital paradigm.”  –®

Mandalic Regenerative Philosophy

The principles of innovating are even more important than the innovations. Here are my principal essays on the challenges of our times.

The Evolution of the Flying Disc

I love throwing the disc around.  With my friends we’ve come up with one that transcends plastic and petroleum.

Ecobrick Evangelism & Innovation

One of my major focuses is seeing the spread and development of Ecobricks– for me its one of the deepest solutions for plastic out there.

Bottle Building & Innovation

I love making stuff with bottles.  Because they are everywhere, we can innovate techniques that anyone anywhere can put to use.