This morning I said good bye to Peggy.

Making beautiful friendships and connections is one of the hazards of my journey. Because of my journey I meet so many wonderful people. Because of my journey, I must also say good bye.

Yesterday, Peggy took me up to the top of the Berlin TV tower. This landmark Berlin tower has a 360 degree view of the city. Peggy pointed out to me, far below, the church where she was baptized, and the hospital where she was born.

In our time together she has shown me the places where she has lived and grown up. She grew up in the old DDR and lived through the fall of the Berlin wall. With a community of people shortly afterwards they occupied a house. She lived and breathed a historic moment. With my hand in hers I have had one of the most engaging historic tours of Berlin you could ask for.

From the TV tower, with such a wondrous view, I could not help but contemplate the epic scale of difference between our up-bringings.

I grew up in the Yukon. At a Depeche Mode concert here in Berlin there were as many people in as in my whole territory of the Yukon! If you were to have the same view of my town as I had yesterday of Berlin, you would see nothing but mountains and forests for as far as the eye can see.

Indeed, if you were to keep walking North from my old backyard in Whitehorse, you would walk into a forest, pass our vegetable garden, maybe hit one or two more town roads, and then, you would walk for the next 1000 kms without wouldn’t crossing another town or city or even highway until you hit Artic ocean.

If my journey has the theme of Oneness and connecting, this was a dazzling example. Depsite these epic differences in where we are from, despite not even sharing a common language, Peggy and I came together and shared a beautiful moment and connection.

Between my hackneyed German and her school English, we had about 400 words to work with. Yet, with patience and effort we were able to talk about just about everything, and work through the trials and tribulations of an intense love. And we did it. With so few words, we we’re honest about our feelings and thoughts all the way through. When I am embraced her this morning it was with nothing but love.

As you can see by this post (#280), I rely alot on words. To love and connect with so few was a spectacular lesson. Too often I have hid behind words, too often they have in fact been a wall and a buffer. Not this time. In silence, souls can speak.

The words of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence come to mind:

“Words are very unecessary… Words are trivial… Words are meaningless and forgetable. All I ever wanted, all I ever needed, is here in my arms. “