One thing that I am quite proud of about our Trashure bags is the tags. Our tags are each handmade and customized to each bag.  Because each bag is its own labour of love, and little miracle of recycling we can share its story by employing more folks to handwrite its story.

There is a vast surplus of labour, time and eagerness to work amongst the women in the villages here.  And, they are dependable, responsible and meticulous.  And, the money they are paid goes right back to the community– the women by the food and pay for educations.  Because of this, we are able to add little customized details to the products and designs that would be impossible in a factory or in another context.

In the case of the tags we use a locally produced Abaca paper (from the village of Natonin in the middle of the jungle!) Some bag have their linings made from umbrellas, others from silk neckties.  Some are made by Aunt Rose, some by Aunt Sanped.  Some are from Natonin, some from Sagada, others from Sabangan. We can thus make note of this in each of our tags then glue them in with silicone to keep them stainproof.