What a crazzzy week. We’re getting an unprecedented deluge of interest in ecobricking from the UK the last few days. It turns out that news stories covering problems with the managing of plastic in the UK have made headlines this week. And so too the stories of folks in the UK solving plastic for themselves!

“In the UK we are no longer able to export our waste anymore, landfills are closing down across the nation, therefore now is the time to act.”

-Kate, societyzero.co.uk

Consequently, our Ecobricks Global and Ecobricks UK Facebook pages have grown by thousands and tens of thousands of followers in a matter of days. Our ecobricks.org server slowed to a standstill because of the traffic. Our hosting company took down our sites because they thought we had a virus or DoS attach. I’ve had to ditch all other endeavours this week and to focus on getting our site and app back online… It’s been hit and miss, but Finally, good news… today ecobricks.org and gobrik.com are 90% back online! Yeay! 🙂

Thank you to our online team who have been busy fielding questions and emails from new ecobrickers. Thanks to our UK ecobrickers for their patience as we’ve worked to get the site back up online to help them out.