Tired of reading about the plastic pollution problem? Well, we’ve been hard at work writing about a systemic solution. And it is out! Our Ecobrick & Brikcoin White paper is published and available for public download.

After years delving deep into the plastic challenge, I am convinced that plastic pollution is but a symptom of larger systemic problems. I am also convinced, daunting as plastic pollution seems, that therein lies a great opportunity. The plastic around us is hidden path to individually and collectively transcending the systemic paradigm at the root of the problem.

For the last eight months, my colleagues and I have have been hard a work on an academic level whitepaper that lays the philosophic and scientific foundations for ecobricks and Brikcoins. If you haven’t headed yet, ecobricks are a potent way to secure plastic, and brikcoins a revolutionary new way value plastic.  Our paper lays out the full context for ecobricking and why it is important.  Then, we outline a way to capture this value, and systemically transform plastic from a pollution to a regenerative solution.

The document is  a collaboration between our GEA team, scientists on the cutting edge study of the ecological impact of plastics, and cryptro currency experts. The document is still in a beta version, as we feel there is still some important new information to be added into it from the break through new report, just released last week by the Center for Environment Law entitled Plastic & Climate –The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet


“Urgent, Ambitious Action is Necessary to Stop the Climate Impacts of Plastic”.

—  Plastic & Climate –The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet

So, although this paper could use some more work (there’s breaking research into the effects of plastic on plankton that shows that our system is even more relevant and valuable than even we thought) I am putting this out there ASAP.  We’ll have to just update as the scientific research matures.

This document isn’t just words, critique and empty promises.  We’ve all read about the amazing green tech solutions that are supposed to solve everything but won’t exist for another 10 years.  On the contrary, the system and ideas that this document lays out, is fully operational and active. Right now.

Our ‘Brikcoins’ are being mined in our beta app, and we’ve already secured over 10,000kgs from the biosphere. Our manual block chain is fully operational, and thriving.  With zero marketing we have 30,000 users.


I feel our Whitepaper however is so important that it needs to be released now. The research on plastic continues to evolve and so will our paper. However, the core science and our assumptions are now solidly established, and we need to start moving into action.

You can check out the latest version of the Ecobricks & Brikcoins white paper on the new Ecobricks.org/brikcoins page.