This is the unfolding of a trash wall built by the village youth and I this month.  It is built  from bottle bricks stuffed with trash that we salvaged from the river. The humble (yet beautiful!) wall is a community showcase of the potential of this collaborative, trash-transmuting, and very low cost building technique. We’ll next take the method to building shelters and youth centres and libraries!

I am very excited about the potential here of coupling mandalic co-creation and this building technique.  My past years making group mandalas has been a profound lesson in how folks can be organized around an intention and the manifesting of this intention takes a self-guided life of its own.  With the trash construction, as there is virtually no cost and the trash is everywhere, we can build like this anywhere.  With the labour joyfully coordinated mandalically, and everyone eager to deal with trash, build something, and have fun working together, the sky is the limit!

You can view the album of photos on my Facebook profile.