Whenever we do ecobrick presentations, or interviews, there is always a moment where we talk about how we can live without plastic, and transcend it for good. With this in mind I am super stoked to collaborate with Matoa, an amazing wooden watch company based in Bandung, Indonesia. I’ve been admiring their work for a long time, and have been in contact with Yanuar and Taufik from their marketing department for the last few months.

My collaborative work is based on my philosophy of mandalic dissemination. The fundamental principle of this methodology assumes that one is at the centre of all one’s manifesting and that one’s personal example, habits and choices, down to the smallest details, are key in determining the patterns, the ripples, the circles that unfold outward. Leading workshops and training of trainers, I am conscious of everything from the ink and pen that I write with, to the watch around my wrist.

Matoa, with their meticulous wood craftsmanship, are a luminous example of beautiful and bold regenerative design– and the future!

Remember the days when virtually all the watches in the department store show-boxes were made from plastic bezels and straps? Those bezels and straps are still kicking around, long after those watches ticked their last.

With beautiful, stylish craftsmanship like this, its pretty clear, it’s time to go organic.