2013-12-09 12.05.58

My new yoga mat is almost done!  I stopped by to visit my friend in June Bakala in the village of Balili yesterday and was overjoyed to see the culmination of his work.

2013-12-09 12.08.49

The mat roles up neatly with built in velcro straps.


Ever wonder what kind of crazy chemicals went into the manufacture of your yoga mat? Ever wonder what those chemicals will do the ecologies around you when it gets trashed? Heh… well, that was one direction my mind drifted during a meditation.

This design and creation of this baby is the result. It has been three months in the making. It is hand crafted from hundreds and hundreds of discarded wrappers that have been meticulously folded and woven to make this functional work of art.

See the green bottle in the background behind us in the photo? ALL the extra clippings from the mat making were Ecobricked. The way that mat is made, it can be effectively Ecobricked when its life comes to an end.

Like it? June has lots of wrappers left over and can make more. 100$