Oh my, it’s taken months and months for the this next batch and new version of the Frisboo to arrive.  The dedication and persistence of our product manager, Sony Trisnanto, has paid off though.  The first ten have arrived– and they are awesome!  

As before the Frisboos are impeccably woven, sanded and printed.  I took two out to the field yesterday and gave them a throw with the local kids.  They flew as good as ever!

New Version

Our new version includes some small but important improvements:

  • New rim design: sturdier construction, smoother sanding, improved thematic icons.
  • Tighter weave: incredibly the weaving on this model is even better than before, reducing aerodynamic drag, yet still wiffling the flight for stability
  • New Tag: Our tag is now even more elegant and describes better the Frisboo story, principles and raison d’être.