This is a simple painting. Its inspired by the love that I have met here in Berlin and on my journey. Its titled: “Love Me”
Why? Well, the more I, Russell Maier, try to Love, the more Fears I discover.
I see these Fears in others too as I love them. There are so many antiquated ideas, so many crippling anxieties, so many rusty patterns that shackle us from loving and throwing ourselves fully into our moments together. Yet, there’s really nothing more beautiful and rewarding than loving. The title is equally a message to myself: Russell, Love!
Here’s the poem I posted a while ago. It is now complete with its partner the painting.

Here I am in your moment,

Just as you are here in mine.

The universe has conspired in a symphony,

An orchestra of flow so subtle, so sublime

That our hearts meld as our eyes meet.

The current takes us, sweeping us gently together,

My heart speaks to yours: Fear not.


Smile, touch, speak the most beautiful words.

Embrace, caress, hold.

Crush the tethers of the past!

Refuse the chains of tomorrow.

Spring with me into the Sea of Now.

It is our moment.

There is no blue sky day so fine.

There is no other time so true.

As when your eyes meet mine.

What else more beautiful is there to do?

Love me.

As I do you.