Yesterday we played the world’s first ever game of ultimate with a bamboo disc.  It was a dream come true!  I have been working slow and steady on the Frisboo design, from the Philippines to Nepal, for the last two years.

Although we’ve played tons with the disc in all sorts of conditions, never before have we taken it to the ultimate level: to play a game of Ultimate with it!

And, the disc played awesome!  Not only did it hold up to be batted down, kicked and fouled, but it flew perfectly.  Perhaps not quite as far as our plastic discs, but it’s “grippiness” seemed to enable more stable releases and accurate throws.


Best of all, the disc seemed to float just a little longer than what we were used to– Perhaps it was the weaving catching the air or it’s slightly lighter weight… But several of us were surprised when we were able to make seeming impossible catches that would have been just out of our reach.  What a great feeling!

Next:  This weekend we use the Frisboo in an Ultimate Hat tournament of three back to back matches!