Hey Canadian friends, I need some Canadian help. So… After two years of slow and steady development, we’ve had a massive breakthrough with a new plastic social management technology.  We’re poised to release an app that will track and manage ecobricks at a personal, project and commuity level.  It’s super exciting: this will spread around the world, and within months tons of plastic will be kept out of the biosphere. In fact, we’ll be able to monitor and see precisely, down to the gram, how much plastic has been diverted and transformed. After the last month of focused hard work, it’s now actually ready for field testing. We’re keeping it under wraps at the moment as we launch to a very small group and work out the bugs and the ethical issues that come up.

It’s pretty spectacular to say, but the last two years of development, hands dirty, in the field, on the ground, has been funded solely by a base of several dozen resonant supporters using PayPal. But…. To my vast chagrin, two of the underlying techs for what we are working on must be paid using credit card. And the only way I can do that is through my Canadian account. Since I make 0 dollars from Canada now, I am in a quandary. We need about 1000$ for this next phase.

If you’re Canadian and the issue of plastic pollution is on your heart– drop me a line. You can be part of what will be a revolution in the way people look at plastic. Drop me a personal message.

Here’s a recent article in the Guardian about the plastic problem— or is it an opportunity?