This morning the photos of the first pieces from our first run of EarthCups came in.  After lots of prototypes and lots of trials making just the right kind of stamp to imprint our friend’s logo into the clay, it looks like the everything is coming together!

In addition, we’ve successfully figured out a way to ink stamp the regenerative design virtues into the cup.  That’s another big step.

Now we’re making 20 take away cups for our friends’ Sophian and Onet’s Jamu shop.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg– the vision is to create an open source design for a 100% organic/disposable/take away cup that anyone anywhere can replicate. We’ll make them for our friend’s coffee and Jamu shops here in Ubud, and then anyone can take the photos, design, template stamps and get craftsman to make their own run in their own city or town.

Hurray! The stamp is clear and visible! This is a major triumph as it allows the zero-cost customization of cups with logos and information. It took several versions of stamps from several different media to get it right.