its been a full out last few days here in Probolingo, East Java as we launch our first official Earth and Ecobrick building course! We have thirty of our star trainers who have joined Ani Himawati and I for a full five day intensive course. After several years of focusing on ecobrick modules, socialization and app dev, it is super duper good to be getting my hands (and feet!) dirty again. We’re now ready here in Indonesia for the next phase of ecobrick dessimination and application.  Most of our trainers now have access to thousands of ecobricks.  This presents the ideal context for mobilizing earth and ecobrick collaborative builds.  However, unlike before in my time sharing earth building in the Philippines, it is key now to also teach the mechanics of social mobilization– in particular my mandalic collaboration theory. Earth building is such a powerful regenerative technology, with so much green and grounding potential– we want to see this spread and take root as not only a way to build but as a means for securing and sequestering the plastic that would otherwise be loose contaminating the biosphere.

Here’s the shots from Day 2!

Next, after a day’s lesson in my mandalic collaboration theory, our 30 trainers will put 200 volunteers to work to finish off the earth and ecobrick mandala park.

Coverage in a national newspaper of our workshop.