Here are three of the amazing letters that the grade 6’s of Guina’ang Elementary crafted for the children in the orphanage in Siem Peap Cambodia.

Thanks to David for leading the creativity session in letter writing and envelope making.  The students were delighted at the opportunity and lovingly crafted messages to their unknown brothers and sisters in Cambodia.  We now have a whole box of these letters for each of the kids in Cambodia.  Each envelope is stuffed with a letter, 12 diamonds, and a needle and thread.

What an awesome Christmas present isn’t it?

When I was a kid, my favourite presents were always the ones that let me get creative and make something with it– LEGO, kits, paints, etc.  This is taking it to a whole other level by a community (the grade 6’s) giving another community (the orphanage) the tools to make something together.

We’ll be shipping the box express to Megan in Taiwan tomorrow.  Megan will be in Cambodia on the 24th to help out at BCI and show the children how to sew.


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Letter to Kay from Josh in Guina'ang

Letter to Kay from Josh in Guina’ang

Letter to Ran from Geraldine in Guina'ang

Letter to Ran from Geraldine in Guina’ang

Letter to Pawn from Kimberly

Letter to Pawn from Kimberly