This past weekend my beautiful lover from Holland came to visit me. Abby and I shared a wonderful weekend talking about life, love and dreams.

But she really didn’t drive from 7 hours from Holland to Berlin just to see me. She came to see a painting! A painting, aptly enough, about following your heart.

You see, I had told her about the way I intentionally paint scenes that then magically manifest themselves. For her Birthday two months ago, I told her that when I got to Berlin, I would love to paint her a painting and an intention. If it works for me, why not for others? I invited her to describe a scene that she chooses to manifest and I would work with her to paint it.

Abby told me what to paint. She described the scene and the intention.

This beautiful painting emerged about following your heart.

Abby has a wonderful dream about letting go of her home, moving to Paris, learning French, and immersing herself in Parisian culture, baguette baking, yoga, dance and freedom.

As great as it sounds, it is really not that easy to let go of your home.

I know!

I went through my own epic struggle to cast aside my self-wrought chains that were holding me back from following the call of my heart. It took months. At times I felt it was surely impossible. On my journey, I have met so many who yearn and feel the same about leaving the known for the unknown.

And thus, on the comfortable, stable and secure pier stands a lone figure. A vast open horizon beckons. The sky is blue, the sun shines, the unknown looms in all its stunning danger, excitement, promise and in-security. The woman turns her head, it is almost too much to bear.

Yet, there sailing into off in the distance in a red sail boat. The dream is there. She knows deeply that it can be her. The very act of turning away is an acknowledgement of the power of the dream.

As sure as the sun sets on the day it shall rise on her dream.


That is title of the painting.