I returned to Manila for Christmas.  Walking the streets with my lover,we were hit hard by the street kids simply asking for food. A charity had just given away some meals– alas packed in styrofoam and leaving a big mess.   It got me thinking.

Manila is full of the disadvantaged and hunger and poverty and want and…. opportunity!  Opportunity for creative generosity.  It grates the soul each day to walk by people just asking for need.  Rather than turn a blind eye, why not get creative and doing something beautiful with the opportunity?  In my country the poor are pushed to the margins.  Here the opportunities are for giving and touching folks are at every turn.

So… Both of us being  professional artists… We got creative!  Next time I am in Manila I will make another monster batch of pancakes and walk around with them in my bag.  🙂

Thanks to Darragh Kenny for the use of his music.  It was just right.  He and recorded that track together in Amsterdam!