It’s been a while.  I miss writing.  I miss my blogging.  Oh… it’s not as if I haven’t been writing.  Indeed, the entirety of Covid, my fingers have been dancing on my keyboard.  I can clang out a good 40-50 words a minute when I am focused, much to the chagrin of my partner in the next room.  Sometimes I even amaze myself when half my brain sits back and just listens to the relentless click click of keys as the words flow forth.  Alas, these days, the vast majority of these words have been spent on reports and web pages, emails, java script code, html, css, and meeting notes, heavy with meaning and intention.

Its no nearly as fun as a good unplanned run of verbosity.

I must say though, I have been writing about some pretty interesting stuff.  Over the covid crash, the isolation has done marvels for reflection.  On the philosophical front, I’ve been digging deep, and mining the insights like its 1898!  Our website is now chalk full of fresh new page courtesy of my clickety clicks.  The thing is, this type of writing needs to be meticulously polished before it can be shared.  You can’t just sit down write a philosophical discourse and hit POST.

When you get to writing about cutting edge ideas, it’s a little like laying a stone fence– each  and every word needs to be carefully considered, before being placed.   My last essay took months to refine before it was ready to post.   Heck, sometimes you need to take your chisel knock some edges of the rock so that it fits.  I think I’ve invented about half a dozen new words and tense this last year.

And I really yearn to use them new words!

It would be lovely to emerge from the covid cave and back into the light with these new stones– maybe even gems! — that I have found down here.   I’ve been fantasizing about returning to make blogs and facebook posts once a day.  My more rational side scoffs at the waste of time– words that could have otherwise been typed into essays and code with far more ‘consequence’.  But what’s with all this consequence, if you never have any fun with it?  My joy in writing is the twist and turn of terms, playing with paragraphs and dancing with meaning and metaphors.

Time to ink my pen and bust out of this covid cave!