At last my bamboo bike is up and operational!  It took a little bit of time to transfer all the good components from my old bike to the new one.  Now, however, it is rocking and I am rolling!  HALLELUJAH.  My last bike’s frame was 3 inches too short (or rather I was 3 inches too tall for the largest available Filipino frame).  It makes such a difference having the right size of bike!  Now, I jet around between villages picking up the latest Trashure products, checking on the Ecobrick builds and our micro solar development in deep organic style–  the journey is the destination, the bike is the biking!

Eng Chan from Kawayan Tech, the creator of the bike did an awesome job.  Already I am scheming on our next collaboration that would build on this bike– to create a bamboo bike that would be deeply practical here in Mt. Province, that would apply Fabrication to Funeral design, and which would incorporate my micro-solar expertise for integrated solar charging.  Its almost as fun to design a bike as to ride one!

2013-09-22 13.22.59