I’ve been spending lots of time with our 1Mandala site.  I’ve been focused on getting the core concepts refined, getting the Java script, the PHP and the HTML stuff working behind the scenes.  The result?  A very HEAD-heavy site.

But that’s not what the 1Mandala is about.  It’s from the Heart. And now that the core-concepts, scripts and programming are in place, and we are swinging into action, it is about time the site reflected this.  After all, the 1Mandala is all about COMPASSION.  Compassion, Creativity and Love, in action, motion and flow.

There’s nothing wrong with the intellectual– indeed the site wouldn’t work if it weren’t for the code and mental work behind it.  But equally important, is putting Heart into it.

First to evolve was the stark typography.  Before we were using Helvetica– a super neutral, modern, clean, and connotation-less font.  Good bye Helvetica!  Now, we’re using Ubuntu– an awesome open source font with a most apropos name.  The font is modern and clean, yet curved, friendly and emotive.

Next to go was the grey gradient background.  Yes, I can’t believe it now, but before we we’re using a grey background.  No more!  I’ve been following the social action designs of Ronny Edra and love his unabashed use of Hearts.  Since our 1Actions are all about love, compassion and taking action from the heart– why not use hearts too?  I borrowed a little from the Skype’s styling and laid it out with circles (i.e. mandala = circle) and other relevant symbols.  Why sky blue?  It just felt like the right, fresh and free atmosphere.  It also goes best with the rainbow logo of the 1Mandala.


The design still needs work and refinement, but I feel it is such an improvement on the old version that should go up right away.  You can see the new design in action on the front of our site:  1Mandala.org