Well, my work on this has been delayed because of my accident, but I am excited that the second version of my EarthCycles calendar project is at last ready! 🎉

This project goes back over a decade to my days painting landscapes in Northwestern Canada, as I tried to capture the cyclical spirit of the seasons. Then, residing in the land of the Igorots, their incredibly cycle-centric culture reminded me just how important it is to be conscious and in sync with the cycles of life. Of course, our modern conception of time, constrained by lines and squares, completely fails to do so.

The 2022 version of the EarthCycles calendar now includes all nine of the solar system planetary orbits. Lunar phases and apsides should now be clearer too. Plus, the Islamic, Javanese, Korean and Chinese lunar calendars are now represented.

Ever wonder how those calendars worked? Well, now you can make sense of the confluence of lunar and solar cycles in a glance. And a lot more.