We did it! 10,000 kgs of plastic have been packed and secured out of the biosphere by ecobrickers around the world using the GoBrik app over the last year in over 30,000 ecobricks! Of course, collectively ecobrickers have secured one thousand times this, however, for the first time we have hard stats on the impact of ecobricking and the potential of our app to track it. Proof of concept… Proved!

One of the first things that I noticed when sharing ecobricks seven years ago, was that the schools that logged and recorded ecobricks (using lined paper on a clipboard!) were far more likely to have high and consistent quality of ecobricks– and to continue into long term plastic transition. This was my impetus for igniting and prioritizing the development of the GoBrik app. Hitting 10 tons of sequestered plastic is our proof of concept for the beta version. Already we have 40,000 users, many of whom are using the system to help authenticate the logged ecobricks. This adds a whole new level of statistical verification, and in so doing, mines Brikcoins in our app.

We have a bold vision for taking this to the next level. Stay tuned this month for the release of Brikcoins & Ecobricks white paper and our iOS and Android versions as we move out of beta!

A big congrats to our small and focused development team and those involved in the inception and development of our tech! Carly Gayle Leon Stafford Richard Goldsmith Shiloh Vermaak Ani Himawati and Stephen DeMeulenaere on the long term consultation. Great job guys… Just imagine that ten tons of plastic not floating in the ocean!