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34,000 Students Mandalically Mobilized

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34,000 Students Mandalically Mobilized

34 THOUSAND STUDENTS Mobilized.  Yesterday, was rather epic.  I presented the ecobrick Mt. Prov phenomenon to a room packed with teachers, principals and leaders from Caloocan– a densely populated urban poor district of Manila.  I explained that just as community collaboration had started cleaning up isolated villages, the same no-cost, no-machinery solution could work here.

Indeed! The presentation was at Camarin […]

Starting the Church in Caloocan

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Starting the Church in Caloocan

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The other day I visited the humble barrio of Miramonte, Caloocan, one of the many urban poor communities of Manila. I arrived with Doms and Arianne from the Anglican Church with whom I am working this week.  The Anglicans […]

6000 Students Mobilized

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6000 Students Mobilized


6000 students mobilized to clean up Caloocan, Manila! Today I had the honor of visiting the densest and the most ecologically progressive school I have yet been to in the Philippines– Camarind National Elementary and High School with 6000 students!

Doms and Arrianne, two dynamic and spontaneous members of the National Development Office of Anglican Church had setup the visit, but […]

The Power of Visioning

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Prayer Ecobrick

Its one thing to pack plastics into bottles.  It is another to solve pollution.  You simply cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that generated it– no matter how much plastics you put into bottles.  Fundamentally its spiritual.

So, how to make the shift?

I am excited to be in Manila this week.  I was invited by the […]