The EarthCycles Calendar

Track Your 2021 Spin Around the Sun

Launch your tracking of time into sync with the cycles of the solar system.

The EarthCycles calendar marks the coming together of my work with seasonal landscapes, mandalas and regenerative philosophy.  For the last ten years I’ve wanted to capture the cycles of the Earth in a stand-alone calendar.   After failing with the traditional square flipchart format, I took a break from the intention and let it sit. 

As my art and life style have become increasingly circular… so too did my thinking about calendars.  By representing the passage of the year in a circle, the needed breakthrough came to sync with the Earth’s spin of the sun!

The 2021 Calendar is now printed and up on my wall.  The master PDF is also now release on the GoBrik Store for purchase and download.  Prints are coming soon too for Indonesian delivery.


See where the Earth is vis-a-vis the other planet in its 365 day journey through the Solstices and Equinoxes. Follow the circular line chart of the Earth’s solar distance, the moon’s phases and apsides, as well as the progression of each planet’s apogee and perigee. Simple, practical and educational it also an existential statement of our transition to circular thinking and cyclical living.


The calendar is oriented so that the solstices and equinoxes are on 90 degree axis of a circle divided into 365 days. This way you can see not only how the days in the year progress, but how the Earth is progressing in its journey around the sun!

The EarthCycles Calendar charts:


  • The location of each planet on each Soltice and Equinox
  • The distance traveled by each planet over 2021
  • The Earth’s perihelion and aphelion (distance from the sun)
  • The phases of the moon
  • The moon’s apsidal procession (distance from the Earth)
  • Mercury apogee and perigee (distance from the Earth)
  • Venus’s apogee and perigee (distance from the Earth)
  • Mars’s apogee and perigee (distance from the Earth)
  • Jupiter’s apogee and perigee (distance from the Earth)
  • Saturn’s apogee and perigee (distance from the Earth)
  • The celestial events of 2021
  • The days of the year
  • The weeks of the year
  • The months of the year
  • The days of the week of the year

The calendar prints to the target width of 81 cm by 76 cm in height. However, smaller sizes work to up (up to a minimum of 70cm across at 500 DPI)

Purchase the digital file, to print your own calendar at home or your local print shop:

File format: PDF (100% Vector)
Resolution: N/A (Vector format perfect resolution at all sizes)
File Size: 1 MB
Suggested size: 81x76cm
Alternative Printing: 3 x 3 tiled A3 sheets
Minimum Size: 70 cm across


Coming Soon:  Order prints!

Next Year
Future calendars will aim to have the same proportions so they can be printed at the exact same dimensions.

Future calendars will aim to have the same proportions so they can be printed at the exact same dimensions.

When we think in cycles, we always plan for the end of our creations and new beginnings.

That said,  I intend to keep the same dimensions of this calendar in the 2022 version.

This way, you will be able to stack the new calendar on top of the old– for storage and for the reuse of any framing you invest in.  In other words, you can reuse any framing you invest in to use for 2022 and to store 2021’s calendar.


Download the Print or Buy the file

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Get Your 2021 EarthCycles

The EarthCycles Calendar is now up for sale on the GoBrik Regen Store.  You can purchase the file (and soon the actual print) using Brikcoins, Cash, Credit Card and Paypal.