This morning I cooked up a Canadian breakfast for my friend Peggy: Fried eggs, hash brown potatoes, and a slice or two of bacon. The coffee and ketchup sit obligingly nearby.
While trying to share my culture with the wonderful people I meet on my journey, I often resort to cooking and sharing ‘Canadian’ food. Food is such a wonderful way to share and jump into conversation about one’s culture, land, nature, upbringing, and other fond and friendly subjects.
Its taken me months of cooking to finally cook this meal. This breakfast is soooo normal in Canada that to me it seems silly to consider it anything special. That, I am now seeing is precisely the sign that it is indeed special. Just as to a German a breakfast of black bread, wurst sausage and cheese served on a wooden holtzteller plate would seem so plain and ordinary and yet a cultural extravaganza to me!
Note the tranche of orange and sprig of Parseley.
Fellow Canadians, is this not so vastly typical? Ask for breakfast at any Canadian restaurant and this is what will come to you! In fact you know if it is a good restaurant or not if the orange peel has been cut to make it easily to break open and bite!
And yes… I had made the little slice in the orange for Peggy!