Its so nice to have a kitchen to cook in.  

Its also so nice to have someone to cook for! 

Yesterday, here at the castle, I shared my famous Canadian Soup with Reinhart.   This is a recipe that my Aunt Jannice shared with me when I was in University in Fredericton. Its also a part of my brother’s official family recipe book.  The Maier Gastronomica!

 Its easy to make.  More important, is that conveniently, all around the world, you can find the essential ingredients.    This means that I’ve been able to cook it and share it with friends in countries all over.  In front of it is an Apple Crumble that I also baked.  Can you beleive they don’t have Apple Crumble here in Germany?

 There’s nothing like sharing food to share culture.  Despite the soup’s simplicity its always a big hit.

I call it… Canadian Potato Soup!