Yesterday evening, dark grey thunder clouds emerged on the horizon as cycled through the Italian countryside. I am not opposed to a little rain, but, right before you set up your camp or make dinner really sucks. And, boy, the clouds were really dark and ominous!

As they got closer I just started to ask everyone I saw if they knew a place I could take shelter. The first told me about a Church down the road. The second persontold me it was closed! The clouds began to rumble. Lighning flashed in the distance.

The feeling of the impending downpour was palpable in the air!

Finally, I turned down a side road. I only had a minute or so now. Some kids were playing. I motioned wildly to the sky. They fetched their mother to talk to the strange cyclist. The mother emerged with a baby in arms and… a smile! She invited me to take shelter under their balcony.

Juusssst in time! No sooner was I under then the sky exploded in wetness. I would have been totally soaked.

Well, no one spoke more than a couple words of English, but before I knew it I was invited to stay for dinner while the rain continued. The husband arrived and proudly treated me to his homemade wine. The family of six and I sat around the dinner table and enjoyed an amazing home cooked pasta and pomadora meal. Despite the vast language difference we managed a playful, fun and engaging conversation.

Wow! The mother’s stuffed tomotoes were simply amazing. They were cooked stuffed with meat, mozerella, basil and other yummy stuff. I kept helping myself to one cooked tomatoe after another. I asked her for the recipe. She proudly shared. Since I had been talking much about my family, I promised I would be telling my Mum back in Canada about the recipe– and the meal– so she wouldn’t worry about me not eating well!

What a great time. Below is her recipe as she wrote it! Hopefully in another month of meeting Italian I will be able to understand it and translate it for you Mum!

Pomodo Ripendo

    – pomodoro rotondo piccolo
    – carne macinata di manzo
    – carne macinata di maiale
    – uovo
    – formaggio grana
    – prezzemolo
    – pane grattuggiato
    – sale – pepe – noce moscata
    – cipolla
    – formaggio stagionato 2/3 mesi

    Svuotare il pomodoro.
    Mescolare tutti gli ingredienti, e con l’impasto riempire i pomodori.

Mescolare tutti Gli ingredienti. Suuotare i pomadori Farli asciugarz e rietili con limpasto


Ok… This is my best attempt to read her writing! If anyone can correct my mistakes, translate or suggest better wording please do!