I am profoundly proud to have played with these guys the 19th Nusantara Ultimate Frisbee Tournament this Easter weekend. Our team, ‘The Love Handlers‘, were one of ten teams from all over Asia to come together for two days of intense, full out ultimate.

What distinguishes the sport of Ultimate isn’t just that it’s played with a disc, it is that good ‘Spirit’ is esteemed as the game’s most important value.  At the end of tournaments like this, three teams are called up, the first, second and most spirited team (as voted match by match by other teams).

These past two months and in particular this weekend, not only did we have tons of fun, win games, keep pace with high-calibre teams, and even beat the tournament winning team, but, after the stats and votes were tallied from every match… we won the coveted Most Spirited Team award! I am convinced our ‘winning’ had everything to do with our team chemistry, our community, our mutual respect, our team-mate empowerment and our collaborative team leadership– or should I just say… our love handling!

Everyone played a part in leading the team and to craft our collective experience. The resulting great and solid vibes were then reflected in our games and interactions with all the other teams. It was a beautiful experience to behold. Thank you guys!

And finally, after three years of trying different team names, we have consensus on keeping the team name of for next year. Watch out for more loving handling to come!