Yikes. This took a lot longer than I thought to put together. Thank goodness I had so much help!
130 folks came together in Osoppo, Italy to make this grand mandalic dance. Out of the crowd came filmers, dancers, drummers, singers, shamans, directors… you name it. This spontaneous human mandala became a beautiful ceremony. We held hands, man, woman, man, woman, formed a cricles, twisted into a spiral and began a dance of our ancestors.
Those who were there could feel the power. The energy of this coming together is moving out into the world in more ways than one. YouTube is one of them! If we can make a mandala of photos, why not with humans and with film?
I am feeling a little worn out from having worked on it for so long. But now it done and its out. It really has a life of its own. Its back to my bike now. Bye to the laptop. Hello road.
I am going to get some space from this creation on the road and then check back to see what it inspires.
Important… here’s the website for the project: http://www.1mandala.org/1movie
It paints the whole picture.