I am on the precipice of a major life transition. I stand ontop of a cliff and prepare to jump. Or, more aptly, to toss my laptop off into the nether!

For the last two decades I have had a computer– from our family’s first Mac 512 to a constant succession of laptops over the last ten years. Including this one. My black MacBook that I now type on. It may as well be an appendage! I take it everywhere and crack it open for hours each day.

This means my computer life has given me all sorts of deeply entrenched life patterns– coffee and computing in the morning, particular postures, a desperate need to check my e-mail once a day, etc. My laptop in fact determines a vast extent of my life– from the way I spend a good percentage of my day to the way I relate and express myself to the people I love. I use the computer, but it also uses me.

I am going to let all this go.

Some of you may have read my previous post: I have an iDream. In it I offered to exchange my MacBook for an iPhone– I had this crazy dream is to be able to orchestrate my collaborative art projects only using an iPhone. Less than two days after posting the blog my friend Stefano offered to do a MacBook/iPhone exchange. I have since been feverishly organizing my digital life to prepare for the leap off the cliff.

I am scared.

I spend so much time on my computer each day that it really isn’t just about getting work done. Its kinda like a comfort drug. I get a certain pleasure from the comfort and predictability of being infront of my Macbook. Its even part of my identity, sometimes I open it up in a cafe just to make statement about me with the big apple logo.

Of course, Computers are supposed to help us get stuff done, not the reason why we do stuff. Just like painkillers are suppose to help us feel better, not the reason why we feel better.

Its an important distinction. The latter is called dependance! Dependence is seeped in unconsciousness. Computer use isn’t necessarily bad– it is bad however when you are unaware, dependent and unconscious of how a technology is dictating your life. Like me!

But no longer. I intend to face my fears, my dependence and my unconsciousness head on. No more will I be able to find solace hunched in front a screen for hours at a time.

Of course, I am not giving up on technology. The opposite. To do what I am about to do is in fact going to leverage the absolute latest technologies. I will be using my top of the line iPhone 3GS to orchestrate an incredible planetary project and work with my team around the world. I will be using the latest communication software, hardware and social media technologies.

My intention is that with the powerful communication ability of the iPhone, yet its inability to do complex design and web work, I will compell myself to step out of the centre of the 1Mandala project and make way for full out collaboration. I won’t be able to type long e-mails. Instead though, I will be able to send much richer communications– voice e-mails and videos and photos with ease. Since I won’t be able to type as fast, I will need to focus on the most important communications.

My equipement load on my bike will also be drastically reduced! No more laptop bag, clunky charger, ipod, camera, and all the cables that come with each. Just a little iPhone for my pocket. In my quest to travel with less and less, this too will be a major step.

I see not only my load being lightening, but my time opening up and my opportunities to spend it! I already seen myself meditating more, learning languages faster, reading books again, working on my lucid dreaming, taking my yoga further, sending funner communications to the people I love, etc.

My friend Steve called today. My new iPhone is purchased and waiting for me to pick up tonight.

My running approach to the cliff has begun……

I took this photo cycling through Tuscany when I felt so fantastic I just had to stop an express it!