Forget the big newspapers and magazines.  Pemalang is a small city in Central Java, Indonesia.  Ani and I had the pleasure to visit the area for two days back in December.  We were able to do a couple workshops.  Last week our friends shared pics of this special feature Pemalang Hebat newspaper.  Personally, I think its the coolest thing to make it into the local papers like this.  This story is 100% due to the passionate advocacy of our Pemalang friend Tarto– an ecobrick training machine in the area.  Tarto seems to be doing a training every week, reaching out to the local government and well, just leading by example!  He makes ecobricks every week with his two daughters.  In fact, when we did our Pemalang workshop his daughters diligence stole the show and they quietly (and cutely) ecobricked away while we presented.

Already many towns and cities have surpassed one thousand ecobricks.  Ani and I can’t wait to return and see the progress and maybe help build some more cool stuff with Tarto and friends.

This article talks about how plastic is toxic in the wrong place and how ecobricks can keep the poisoning from happening. That’s Ani and I on our Jogja Ecobrick stage!

That’s pak Tarto, our ecobrick training machine in Central Java. He does a workshop every week with everyone– from youth groups, government officials, to company staff. Great work Tarto!

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