My camera has died. Its been a good excuse to go through some of my old photos. I have discovered some art that I created back in Smithers that I have never shared or exhibited.

Working on paintings back in Smithers I had become fascinated by the beautiful patterns that formed when I mixed large batches of paint together. They were like micro universes of colour! My friend Gord lent me his killer Canon 30D pro camera. I did a shoot of these in 12 MP high resolution format. On the original files you can zoom deeper and deeper into the fractal worl.

Here is one of them. I have used photoshop to supp it up, to bring out the colours and the intense patterns. I love it. Cannot believe I never did anything with these. Imagine this printed out nice and big and hanging on austere white gallery wall.

If I get a comment or two on this I will add some more from the series!