Well, it’s been another year around the sun… What a great milepost to review what just happened! Thanks to Derek for the inspirational idea to write a year review. I am going to divide it into three sections:


  • You can only accomplish/discover/experience as far as you dream.
  • All the theory about supra-sexual cocreatitve relationships is true!  Its possible to channel procreative energy into pure cocreativity.  And it’s amazing.
  • Coffee isn’t serving my health or evolution. It’s a relic of an old paradigm that emphasises the mind over the body.
  • It’s possible to make a fully solar powered bamboo bike!
  • Governments are systemically unable to solve global problems (like plastic pollution and unconscious consumption). The solutions have to come from an entirely different consciousness– that of citizen empowered collaborative movements.


  • My connection with my partner Ani was deepened this year as our adventures and mission took us around the country on speaking engagements, meeting new people together, presenting together, and a lot more adventures, together.
  • Through trials, drama, defeat, and victory, I got to know my compadres on the Ubud Ultimate frisbee team way better. It’s been the fertile field for blossoming beautiful friendships.
  • Became an uncle to a new Earthling: Jordan
  • We deepened our relationship and harm not with our teams of Ecobrick trainers around Indonesia.


I’ve admittedly been laser focused on Ecobricking this year. My mission has been to see ecobricking spread throughout Indonesia in order to catalyze ecological consciousness.

  • We got the whole city of Jogja officially ecobricking
  • We seeded ecobricking in the world’s largest Muslim organization
  • Perfected the design of the Frisboo and played our first Ultimate game and hat tournament with it.
  • Completed my first fully operational bamboo solar bike and presented it as one of the top ten innovations at a technology fair in Jakarta.

Goals for 2017

  • Launch the Ecobricks Android App
  • No coffee for the entire year
  • Put a ultimate team together for the Nusantara Cup
  • Build lots of awesome constructions with cob and bottles
  • Spread Ecobricks to three more countries
  • Build my house and plant my garden