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Household Biodiversity Survey

Our Forest Garden Green Space

Here we keep track of all the species that we’re living with in our household’s space.  Of course, its a work in progress as new plants, animals, birds and insects take up home here. On the one hand, we are constantly discovering the names new species.  On the other, we are constantly adding and open to new species joining!  You can read the story and the philosophy behind the space here

We also keep track of the space that we are sharing with other species.  When we first moved in only about 10% of the space open to any species.  Over the last years, we’ve put in a compost, turn grass to garden, and welcomed lots of our fellows to be friends.

Of the 224.25 square meters of our space, 110 meters are open to all species.  The ration of our open/closed space has increased from 12% when we moved in to 49% in 2021.

Full Life List

Banna tree (Musa acuminata)
passion fruit (passiflora)
Moringa (Oleifera)
Jack Fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)
Star fruit tree ( Averrhoa carambola)


Sweet potatoe(Ipomoea batatas),
Brazillian spinach,
white ginger (Zingiber officinale)
Hibiscus (bunga sepatu)
Papaya seedlings

Lemon grass (Cymbopogon)
Cabe Merah (bird’s eye chillie)
wild fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)
Greek oregano (Salvia fruticosa)
Luffa ( Luffa aegyptiaca )
Katuk (Sauropus androgynus)

Praying mantis
Butterflies (needs photos and breakdown)
Moths (needs photos and breakdown)
Beetles (needs photos and breakdown)

House Gecko
Wall gecko

Bali dog
House Cat
Roosters/Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus)

Mycorrizal network (unidentified)

2021 Count: 37


Lemon Grass


We have planeted Lemon grass (Cymbopogon), or daun sereh, for making tea and for keeping the mosquitoes away.

Bird’s Eye Chiles

Cabe Merah

We have a bunch of these plants scattered around the garden.  They grow happily and produce all the time.


Musa acuminata

We’ve got banana trees in the back.  Unfortunately, Ani was burning our paper one day and it cooked the bananas on the tree!  We harvested these but they weren’t edible.  :-(.

A Little Lemon Tree

jeruk sitrun

We have a bunch of these plants scattered around the garden.  They grow happily and produce all the time.

Passion Fruit

Marquisa (passiflora)

Our passion fruit vine has taken over our jackfruit trees canopy.  It loves it up there!  It produces soooo much fruit, we can’t keep up.  It literally rains passion fruit every day in our garden.  Breakfast is often gathered from the ground in the morning.


Moringa Oleifera (Daun Kelor)

One of the most abundant residents of our garden is our kelor tree.  It grows like crazy.  For a while it towered over our house and went to seed.  Our neighbour explained you gotta trim and prune it so that you can reach the leaves!  So, we cut it, but it just keeps growing up and out!  We have unlimited greens from it for smoothies and steamed greens.


Star gooseberry or sweet leaf (Sauropus androgynus)

Katuk has been growing in our garden for a long time, but ani only just remembered her Javanese lore and that this plant is super nutricious and can be easily eaten.  I am now using the leaves (sweet!) for my smoothies and munching on the berries before they go to seed.


(Etlingera elatior)

We’ve got this growing at the back the yard.  It’s awesome for making sambal matah– balinese hot sauce.


Artocarpus heterophyllus

The center tree of our garden forest!

Sweet Potatoe

Ubi jalar (Ipomoea batatas)

A little known secret of sweet potatoes is that you can eat the leaves raw.  They make awesome smoothies.

Balinese Spinach

Trying to figure out the right name still

This wild spinach grows wild around our area.  It grows great with zero effort and zero reseeding in our garden.  I use it for smoothies every morning.  Any likes to fry it to make crispy leaves.

Star Fruit

 Averrhoa carambola,

We’ve got a star fruit tree that produces way more than we can consume!  It rains them down in a corner of the garden and every morning I pick some up for my smoothie.



We’ve got some great herbs thriving in our garden.  When it comes time to make an omelette rather than reach for the spices we take a walk outside!

Insects, etc…

Still to be sorted…


Animals, insects, etc…

Still to be sorted…

Still trying to sort these guys out…


Still figuring these out!


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